Does It Fart?

So there is a title I never thought I would write.  Ever.  But my husband bought this book for my kids and it is Honestly one of the BEST ones we have ever bought them.  This book totally engages the kids.  They often corner us, first thing in the morning to quiz us (yes before I have had any coffee) – Do you think this animal Farts ?  And then we get given the answer (plus giggles and laughter).

Does it Fart Book. Pure enjoyment reading for kids

The picture above is my 7-year-old (yes that is bed hair), he rushed downstairs to read the bit about the Dinosaur and show his dad the funny picture – while his dad was trying to eat breakfast before work this morning. (Note – there are some big words in this book but my two kids tend to read it together so his older sister – who is 10 – does help him with the larger words.)

Does It Fart Book. A book about animal flatulence. The Dinosaur picture

The book is filled with funny cartoon-like pictures showing the animals in action, we especially love the expressions on the animal faces.

Does It Fart book. Includes lots of funny animal illustrations

So for pure enjoyment of reading this book is 5 stars, the kind of book that my kids do not want to put down and are always coming to find us in great excitement to read out the latest extract.  But surprisingly it is actually incredibly factual.  While the kids are reading and laughing they are actually learning about different digestive systems, feeding patterns, even habitats of some of the animals.  I was amazing by how many facts they have included in this funny, engaging book.  And the vocab that my kids are picking up from reading it – brilliant.

Does It Fart. Funny yet informative. Great book for engaging kids

And although the book is written about real animals we enjoyed the fact that they included a page on the Unicorn.

Does It Fart. The Unicorn

I admittedly would not have chosen this for the kids.  My husband bought it for them but I am so glad he did.  This book is a GEM.  And I am going to buy some for birthday presents because I know a few kids  who are not going to be able to put this book down.

Does It Fart Book. Brilliant for getting kids reading and laughing

The kids, the husband and myself (yes I admit it) highly recommend this book.

We bought our copy of this book from Amazon – Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence.

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3 Responses to Does It Fart?

  1. Norah says:

    I second your review. My DIL bought one for my grandson. He loves it and loves to quote the fart facts from it. But as you say, they are learning lots of other stuff too – and having fun. That’s a great combination.

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