Easter themed Activity Village pages

Easter is just around the corner and my two are not really in the mood for our normal learning activities but we have found that even when  we have our “breaks”, maintaining a little bit of a rhythm to our day helps my two SPD kiddies.  So I tend to exchange our normal learning activities for more themed activities and we tend to do them around the kitchen table often with some fun snacks (yes chocolate was consumed).  It seems to work better for us than a complete break.

I thought I would share some of the Easter themed puzzle type pages that we have used from Activity Village.

Activity Village Easter themed pages

As always word searches (my kids always enjoy a good word search and I LOVE word search pages as I have seen with my oldest how much they help her spelling).

Activity Village Eatser themed word search. 2 options available

Same thing with the Easter word scramble –  I Love words scrambles – writing and spelling practice.

Activity Village Easter themed word scramble

And while my oldest did her word scramble my youngest had a go at a crossword – he often battles with crosswords because he can not spell the words but this crossword had the words down the side so he loved the fact that he could do it by himself.  (I definitely need to find more crosswords like this. I am sure if he tries a few more with the words down the side he will get more confident and try doing some without the words). Easter Crossword Easy page

Activity Village Easter themed crossword puzzle, easy version

The kids also loved the idea of the Easter How Many Word Page – they had to see how many words they could create with the letters in Easter Egg – we did this as a family page – all three of us together – my kids said I needed to add that this page works better if the kids get to eat an easter egg while thinking of the different words.

And one of our new favourite word puzzle pages – the Sudoku word pages.  I have mentioned a few times how much my we love the Kids Sudoku pages from Activity Village, I keep a bunch printed in a folder.  So when I saw that Activity Village were now creating Sudoku word pages I knew we had to give them a go.  I LOVE THESE (my printer has been working over-time printing out a whole stack of letters ones which I am adding to our Sudoku folder.  I love them because the kids have to apply logic but I also love the letter ones because for younger kids like my son who are not keen on writing it does actually end up being great writing practice.  They have four different Easter Word Sudoku Pages

Activity Village Easter themed Letter Sudoku pages. four different versions

Activity Village Easter themed letter sudoku page. Lamb.

And another old favourite with my two is the alphabet search page – although I must admit we did struggle a bit more with finding Easter themed words (we have found other alphabet searches a bit easier than this one) so we have attached ours to a clip board and given ourselves the challenge of coming up with all the words by the end of the week.

And for those of you looking for some easter themed Maths pages – we recommend the  Easter Multiplication Bump page

Activity Village Easter Multiplication Bump Game. Fun way to practice times table at home

and the  Bunny Addition page

Activity Village Easter themed maths page. Bunny Dice Addition

They also have some lovely looking maze pages, I am keeping the maze pages for later on this week.

Activity Village Easter themed pages.  Word puzzles, maths pages, mazes and more

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