Animal Planet Chapter Book on Snakes

I may have mentioned over a million times by now how much my son loves anything and everything to do with animals.  He loves playing games with animals, reading books about them and watching all kinds of documentaries on them.  So when I heard about the Animal Planet chapter books I knew they would be perfect for my little man.

We have two of the four books – Snakes! (Animal Planet Chapter Books) and Bugs! (Animal Planet Chapter Books). (The other two are on Sharks and Dinosaurs)

Animal Planet Chapter Books Bugs and Snakes. Non-fiction chapter books for young readers

My son finds snakes fascinating but I must be honest I am petrified of snakes and as a result I never watch anything about them or read anything on them (seriously they SCARE me).  But I also know that the best way to encourage him to read more is to give him books on topics that interest him.  So our very first snake book………….

Animal Planet Chapter Book Snakes. Lots of information about snakes and great pictures

This book is 107 pages long. It includes lots of pictures with labels and captions on them and is fill of facts (and yes even I will admit they are fascinating facts) about snakes. It starts off by explaining the body of a snake and what makes a snake a snake – including a great picture of a snake skeleton.

It talks about the different ways a snake can move (really did not know there were so many ways), how snakes attack and defend themselves (hmmm, not sure I needed to know this), what they like to eat for dinner (and no this did not include nibbling on poeple).

Animal Planet Chapter Book Snakes. Great chapter books for kids you are interested in animals

There is also a whole chapter on Rattlesnakes and one on Boas and Pythons (my son loved this).  The life cycle of a snake and its sense which actually work differently to that of a human. And finally the weird snakes of the world and the superdeadly ones (just to mention this book is written from an American angle so there is an emphasis on American snakes).

The pages are not glossy pages but that did not bother my son.  My son loved this book because it is filled with facts about snakes and written in a way that allowed him to read most of it to himself (the text in the book is slightly larger than normal which is actually perfect for newer chapter readers like my son).  It is a great book for any child who is interested in snakes (although if you are as scared of snakes as I am, I would suggest you don’t read it at night).

Animal planet Chapter Book Snakes. Very informative book for younger readers

The snake Animal Planet Chapter book was given to us by the Distributors – GMC Publications

Animal Chapter Books Snakes. Very informative young chapter books for children you like reading non-fiction

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5 Responses to Animal Planet Chapter Book on Snakes

  1. another mom says:

    Not my cup of tea or should I say what I would read while drinking some…..but information (for your little man) can not go without some value he might be able to use in the future.

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  2. Camie says:

    I am not a fan of snakes myself, but it does look like a great book for kids.

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