Santa is coming to London – Children’s book

I bought this book for the kids about 4 years ago and it has been one of their favourite Christmas stories as it is based in London (we lived in London for a few years and now live just outside of London).

The story itself is sweet.  The kids love the small elves carrying the massive sack of toys

Santa is coming to London. The small elves carrying the large sack of presents

and the youngest reindeer munching the carrot but the real winner for my kids was that throughout the story it mentions areas that they know.

They loved the fact that the sleigh gets caught on St Paul’s Cathedral and that they mention Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park.  Throughout the book different area of London are naturally brought into the story.

Santa is coming to London. All the different type of chimneys in London

It is a lovely story for children who live in or around London or possibly kids who are going to be visiting family in London over the festive period.

Santa is coming to London. He visits all the homes in the whole of London

Santa is coming to London. Lovely children's book about Christmas Eve in London

The story is sweet, the graphics are fab and all in all it is a sweet book and well worth the £4.99 is paid for it 4 years ago.

After I bought Santa is coming to London I noticed that there were a few other versions of the story

Santa Is Coming to Richmond

Santa Is Coming to Kingston upon Thames

Santa is coming to Surrey

Santa is Coming to Oxford

Santa Is coming to Leeds

Actually on searching amazon I can now see LOTS of different versions, if you are in the UK it is worth having a look to see if there is one written for your town / area.

I love this idea as the kids can get a book based in the area that they live in.  I think small changes like that really can make books come alive for kids and help to build that important LOVE of books and reading.

Santa is coming to London by Steve Smallman. A lovely children's Christmas story perfect for kids living in and around London

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