The Big Book of 100 Little Activities

I LOVE idea books.  Because let’s be totally honest, there are times when you are just stuck for inspiration, especially when the weather starts becoming a bit miserable and the garden is not as inviting any more.  And Yes I know these days you can find lots of inspiration on Pinterest but the thing about an activity book is you can hand it to the kids and let them page through it themselves and find something that inspires them.  And sometimes they will want to do the exact project they spotted on a page and sometimes a project will be a springboard for a completely different idea.

The Big Book of 100 Little Activities by Laura Minter and Tia Williams

So what do I like about this particular activity book – the ideas are doable and realistic and not some amazing photo of something that is totally unrealistic.  And Yes some of them may require you to buy some supplies and do a little bit of forward planning but so far I have not found something that was totally unrealistic.

And Yes we have actually already done a few of the activities in the book and if you searched Pinterest for long enough you would probably find all the ideas there.  But this is for those times when you want to leave the computer alone get on the couch and find and activity that both you and the kids want to do.  In my opinion the book is a family time idea book.  One for the parents and the kids to get inspiration from and have some fun together.  No perfect outcome needed, but fun for the family (I would say the activities are aimed at younger kids – preschool / foundation stage ages).

The Book is split into 8 different sections.

1. Nature Lovers – ideas around plants and animals like a nature mobile, potato porcupine, bird feeder.

2. Messy Makes – salt painting, how to make cornflour goop, play dough recipe

3. Rainy Day – felt pictures, weaving, rain drop pictures

4. Sunny Day – sun catchers, making a kite, ice painting

The Big Book of 100 Little Activities. The Paper spinner. So easy to make and fun to play with afterwards

5. Little laboratory – giant bubbles, flying planes, DIY light box

6. Paint and Print – ziplock painting, making tape picture, fireworks, pom-poms

7. Playing and Performing – peg monsters, home-made drum, box camera.puppets

The Big Book of 100 Little Activities. The Paper-cup puppet idea. Easy to make and fun to play with afterwards

8. Dressing Up – crows, jewelery, super-hero mask.

The Big Book of 100 Little Activities. Step by step instructions for pasta jewellery

I think The Big Book of 100 Little Activities is a lovely compilation of ideas to inspire the parents and the kids and get everyone off their screens.

The authors have also written a few other themed craft books.  The Space Craft book, The Pirate Craft Book and The Knight craft book.  This is a quick look inside the The Space Craft Book: 15 Things a Space Fan Can’t do Without!.


I did approach GMC Publishers and requested a different Art book for a review and they kindly sent me the book I requested and a few others.  This is one of the other books that they sent.  The opinions expressed in the post are mine and my kids

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