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I keep meaning to write regular posts about the books we find and enjoy and I never get around to writing them all.  So here are four of our current top books we have discovered.

Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo

My son actually picked this up at our local library.  I think he liked the fact that the story was about a robin and it’s journey (he is fascinated by birds).  This book is stunning.  Both my kids have fallen in love with the story and I love the way it is written, the words just roll off your tongue.  I wish we had discovered this book when the kids were younger.

Coming Home. A lovely children's book about a robin flying home for winter

It is a lovely story about the obstacles the little robin has to overcome in order to get home –  the bad weather, an eagle trying to eat him, getting lost at sea.  My daughter actually found it was a great book to use as a way to practice reading with expression.  Honestly one of the best books we have recently discovered and if my two were a bit younger I would buy us a copy to have at home.


I must be honest I was surprise by this one as I thought it was a bit gory but my son found it in the library and has been reading it cover to cover for the past 2 weeks and even convinced his sister to have a read.  It is an ancient story about how Beowulf fights off monsters and dragons and eventually dies in his final battle.  My son did say it was sad that he dies but that he enjoys the whole Viking-time theme that runs through the book.

Beowulf. An ancient story about Boewulf fighting monsters and dragons. Part of the Usborne Young Reading Series

The Secret Garden

My daughter has just started reading this to herself and she is loving it.  She has been listening to come Classical Audio stories – Ladybird Classics: The Complete Audio Collection and desperately wanted to find some to read.  We had a look at our local library and could not find suitable versions for her (they were actually a bit too easy and too brief – she wanted more detailed versions of the stories).  I eventually found the Oxford Children’s Classic series and Oxford University Press kindly sent us three of the books that she was wanting to read.  She is thrilled and is happily working through the Secret Garden at the moment.

Animal Architects

We have quite a few animal books but this one has a unique twist.  It is all about animal homes and how they have been built.

Animal Architects. Amazing Animals Who Build Their Homes. Informative children's book about animals and their homes

It compares the homes to human buildings like the hummingbird has a suspended home or a spider has a suspension bridge.  My son loves this.

It is a new and unique way of looking at some of the interesting animal homes.

We love the fact that each home is broken down into how it is built (along with some diagrams) and what materials they use.

Animal Architects. Each animal page includes a description of the materials used

They also include a short fact-file about each animal.  A lovely addition to my son’s animal book collection.

The Books mentioned above are these ones

New Books we are enjoying. Coming Home, The Secret Garden and Beowulf

Coming Home

Beowulf (Young Reading (Series 3)) (Young Reading Series Three)

Oxford Children’s Classics: The Secret Garden

Animal Architects: Amazing Animals Who Build Their Homes

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