Understanding Science – Our Bodies Workbook Review

One of the Workbooks in the Understanding Science series by Schofield & Sims is this one – Our Bodies.  It is part of their Key Stage 2 range which means it is aimed at school years 3 – 6 in the UK.

Understanding Science by Schofield & Sims. The Our Bodies Workbook for Key Stage 2 ages

The Workbook Covers the following

  • What is in food
  • A balanced diet
  • Animals diet
  • The digestive system

Understanding Science Our Bodies workbook from Schofield & Sims. The Digestive System

  • Teeth
  • Looking after your teeth
  • Keeping health
  • Drugs and medicines
  • Skeletons
  • Animals without skeletons
  • Muscles and moving
  • Heart and blood

Understanding Science Our Bodies Workbook includes a section on the Heart and blood

  • Pulse rate and exercise
  • Resting pulse rates
  • Investigating pulse rates
  • Human life cycle
  • Changes in puberty

The workbook is written in the typical Schofield & Sims style – it is well set out with one topic on a double page, a brief explanation of key points and then some questions (all answers are included at the back of the book).

Understanding Science Our Bodies workbook from Schofield & Sims. Each double page has a brief explanation followed by some questions

I like the way they have ordered the topics in the workbook.  The way they go from Food to the Digestive System or from Muscles and moving onto the Heart and Blood, the topics flow nicely.  But you could easily jump around and do a topic as you wish. (If they refer back to something discussed earlier on in the book they do give you the page number so you can always go back and read that section.)

Biology is not my comfort area but my kids love it so they have already done a lot of extra reading and activities with their dad.  This meant that a few pages were a bit too brief for them as they wanted more detail.  But that is really because they are fascinated by the subject and have done a lot of reading on it.

The book also brings in graphs when looking at pulse rates and comparing them, but they are not overly complex graphs and both my kids could easily understand the graphs.  We actually liked the inclusion of the graphs.

Also to mention the book has 1 page on changes in puberty.  Which includes a diagram of a woman and man and how their bodies change.  I think the diagrams were factual and they did not offend me but I am including a picture below so that you can be aware of what is in the book.

Understanding Science Our Bodies Changes in Puberty

I personally found this workbook very useful.  We have covered most of what is in the workbook but it was a great way of checking to see if there were any areas that the kids did not properly understand and also if there were any gaps in what we had covered in our more informal learning style.

As a home-educating mom I am finding the Understanding Science workbook range a very helpful series.

In case you missed my earlier post  – this is what is included in the Animals and Plants workbook

You can find the workbooks in most bookstores (have seen them in WH Smith and Waterson’s for £4.95 in the UK) and you can also buy them online from Amazon – Understanding Science: Our Bodies



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