Learning about Castles

As part of our Middle Ages theme we have been spending some time learning about Castles.  The kids have enjoyed learning how castle designs developed from wooden structures to stone buildings and how so many features of the castle were for protection.  Also some of the more “yucky facts” have been very popular – like that fact the moats must have stunk with all the waste and sewerage that was dumped into it.

We had an Usborne Castle book in the house – Stories of Castles (Young Reading (Series 2)) (Young Reading Series Two).  It is a great book for setting the scene on how castles came about starting with basic wooden castles which were later replaced by stone castles as the wood burnt very easily.

Usborne Young Reading book The Story of Castles starts with wooden castles

The book covers aspects of the life inside a castle, with some humourous pictures.

Usborne Young Reading book. The Story of Castles is written in a very child-friendly manner

I really like the way the book is set out as it takes the kids through the stages of how a castle evolved in a very easy manner.  It explains how lots of the features of a castle where actually there for defensive purposes.

Usborne Young Reading Book. The Story of Castles deals with castles being attacked in a very child- friendly manner

The book deals with the castles being attacked in  very child-friendly manner, the illustrations really help with this as the people depicted all look non-threatening.

If you are looking for a child-friendly book about castles this one is perfect.  It is informative and really well structured taking the kids from why castles initially came about to how castles stopped being so important.

Usborne Young Reading book The Story of Castles. A lovely children's book all about how castles developed during the Middle Ages

After reading the book the kids asked for some Castle pages as part of their home education activities.  We used these ones (all FREE to download from Twinkl)

The kids had a go at filling out all the labels on the Castle and Knights Self Registration pages.

Free to download Self Registration Castles and Knights from Twinkl Resources. Great to use with children who might enjoy labelling a toy castle

My Youngest is still very much a beginner speller so I gave him the Castle and Knights Word Mat to use.

Castle and Knights Word Mat free to download from Twinkl Resources. great tool to help younger kids write words that they are uncertain of

Once we had filled out all the labels we tried to match as many as we could to our play mobile castle.

Labelling our Playmobile castle using some castle and Knight pages from Twinkl Resources

My son enjoyed this and actually pointed out a few things about the play mobile castle that did not meet with his idea of what a “REAL” Medieval Castle would look like.  My daughter also had a go at labelling this Castle diagram.

Free to download. Label the Parts of a Castle from Twinkl Resources. A useful activity to use with children learning about Medievale Castles

And this coming week we are having a home-ed trip to a Medieval castle. The kids are very excited as their dad is coming with us and they are dying to “teach” him about castles on our little field trip.

Usborne Young Reading Book. The Story of Castles. A great book for young kid learning about Castles, Knights and the Middle AgesParts of s Castle. Free to download pages from Twinkl Resources includes a word mat and labelling activity





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