Common Word poster games

We have two common word posters which were on a notice board by the kids desks but beginning of this year we moved the posters upstairs to the kid’s bedroom and a new game evolved.  It was quite by accident.  One evening my youngest wanted to know what one of the words on the poster was, he used his toy goat to point (IKEA) to the word and our new word game started.  He started pointing at other words telling me which words he could read, which words sounded the same, which words were special words (mum and dad) and which ones were silly words.

Common Word Poster activities for children to practice reading.

After a while I started asking him questions.  Like can you say the word that is in the second column 6 words down.  And he would use his toy goat to point.  He thought this was fun and he started asking me questions like – mum can you tell me where on the poster the word – play – is ?  I would then have to find the word and describe its position.  eg third column, 10 words from the top.  We also included rhyming words eg can you find a word that rhymes with dig.

Common Word posters level 1 and level 2. High frequency words

The following evening he called me to play the word game but this time he said we should include more instructions.  So we started with questions like – “what word is below “day” and what word is above “day”, or what word is to the right of “she” – those kind of scenarios.

It has actually now become part of the kids bedtime routine (yes he sister has also started joining in).  He always reminds me to play the word game.

Common Word posters can be interactive and fun if you include some games

And we even put an extra twist on the game last night.  Both my kids speak Afrikaans (it is their dad’s home language).  So now we have started including our 2nd language.  Can you find the English word for Pa.

Lots of fun and they are learning without even realizing it.

The Common Word Posters that we have are these ones

Common Words – Level 1 – Educational Poster 40x60cm

Common Words – Level 2 – Educational Poster 40x60cm

Common Word posters. High Frequency word posters

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