Comprehension Workbooks for Year 2 (UK)

I am trying to write more posts about the books and games that the kids have used and enjoyed. I know it is always helpful to read reviews before you spend your hard-earned money buying books and games (I always spend ages reading reviews before I decide on which product to buy).

Key Stage 1 Comprehension books from Schofield&Sims

We started working through some Schofield & Sims Comprehension workbooks when my daughter was in Key stage 1 and have recently started working through some Key Stage 2 comprehension books so I thought some photos and examples of the ones that we have used might be helpful (and yes I am going to include some affiliate links.  If you buy on an affiliate link you do not pay more but I do earn one or two pennies).

We started off with the Early Comprehension Book 3 (of 3): Key Stage 1, Years 1 & 2
in the beginning of her year 2.  It is a nice introduction to comprehension.  There are small bits for the kids to read and not a lot of writing is required.  They often get to circle or underline the answer and when a written answer to required it is just one or two words.  I liked this gentle introduction as it was not too hard for my daughter so she was encouraged and whizzed through the book quickly.

Early Comprehension Book by Schofield & Sims

Key Stage 1 Early comprehension Book by Schofield & Sims

We then moved onto their First Comprehension Book 1 (of 2): Years 2-3 (Teacher’s Guide also available).  My daughter completed this book as part of her year 2 work.  She would read through the passage (I would be sitting at the table next to her to help with any words she did not know) and then she answered the questions.  I found this a great activity for her as she would practice her reading, writing, spelling and extend her vocabulary all in one go.   And some of the passages sparked some extra reading projects – there was a comprehension on British garden birds that prompted a lot of extended learning.  The exercises in the book do get harder as the kids progress.

Schofield & Sims Comprehension 1 Book. Big Red Boots textSchofield & Sims Comprehension 1 Book. Big Red Boots questions

We moved onto the First Comprehension Book 2 (of 2): Years 2-3 (Teacher’s Guide also available)at the beginning of my daughters year 3.  She felt that it progressed nicely from the previous book and she did get more and more confident with doing the exercises by herself.  Again the passages do get harder as the kids progress in the book and they are a mix of fiction and non-fiction comprehension.

Schofield & Sims Comprehension 2 Book. Fossil Hunting Text

Schofield & Sims Comprehension 2 Book. Fossil Hunting questions


Schofield & Sims Comprehension 2 Book.  Written in March Poem

We like the Schofield & Sims books for a number of reasons.   My daughter prefers the pages to other workbooks as she does not find the pages too crowded or busy and she likes the fact that there are not lots of bright colours all over the page.  She finds the book the right mix of being challenging but also not too hard that it destroys her confidence.  The books are not thick and heavy and she will often choose a comprehension as a learning activity to do if we are going to be out somewhere waiting for her brother.

We are continuing using this range as part of her Key Stage 2 learning.


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