Twinkl Mindfulness colouring pages

When I first showed the mindfulness colouring pages from Twinkl to my daughter (over a year ago) she immediately loved the patterns and thought the nature pages were very pretty.  My son was not interested at first – combination of the colouring being a bit too detailed for him (he is 2.5 year younger) and pictures were not topics that he enjoyed – he tends to stick to certain topics – Dinosaurs, animals, transport and not much else gets his attention.

So when I recently logged on to download some new pages for my daughter I noticed some animal pages and called my son over to show him.  He immediately spotted the tiger and wanted to do it straight away.  While I was printing the Jungle themed pack for him he spotted the dinosaur set and begged me to print all the pages out and then he scrolled down some more and noticed the transport set and yip you guessed it – he wanted those printed out as well.  So over the past few weeks whenever I have suggested the kids do an art activity he has immediately gone to his pile of pages and picked one (and in case you are wondering my daughter has happily joined in with all sets.  She seems to love these pages regardless of the subject).  And confession I have also joined the kids and coloured in a few with them.

Mindfulness snake colouring page part of the currently FREE to download Jungle Mindfulness pack from Twinkl

The pages are detailed and do take some time to colour but as long as someone else is busy with a page next to him, he sits and chats to us about the animal that he is colouring in / painting and most times keeps going until he has finished his picture.  (My son is fascinated with anything animal related especially wild cats.)

Tiger Mindfulness colouring page part of the Jungle Mindfulness colouring set currently free to download

So for those of you do not have Twinkl membership but also have kids who would love these stunning pages I have some exciting news.  As part of Twinkl’s 2017 vision of encouraging kindness and as part of their KINDNESS WEEK activities (from 6 -10 February), Twinkl have agreed to make these Jungle themed Mindfulness pages FREE. Normally all of the mindfulness pages are part of their platinum range.  To download any of the FREE Twinkl pages you just need to set up a free account first. Here is the link for these stunning Jungle mindfulness colouring pages – Free Jungle Mindfulness pages.

For those of you that do have Twinkl membership the other three packs that have been huge hits with my youngest are these ones.

The Safari set (Platinum).  He started using his water-colour pencils with these pages and loves turning his colouring into paintings with some “magic water” – his words.  He says the water-colour pencils are especially good for the backgrounds.

Water-colour pencils on the Free to download Jungle mindfulness pages

Leopard Mindulness colouring page completed using water-colour pencils

The Transport set (Platinum).

Twinkl mindfulness sailing boat picture part of their transport mindfulness colouring pack

And the Dinosaur mindfulness set (also Platinum).

Using the Dinosaur Mindfulness colouring pages for some painting fun

I love that these mindfulness pages are encouraging my youngest to sit for longer at an activity.

I am part of Twinkl blogger network and have been given a Platinum Plus membership so that I can continue sharing ideas on how we like to use their pages.

Twinkl Mindfulness colouring pages













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  1. realsloah says:

    Gorgeous artwork, S. I really should try using some of the mindfulness pages for Arts Award work… I keep putting it on the back burner. Xx


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