Home-made times table pages

My daughter she has always loved it when I give her pages that I have made (even if I just write out a few sums, or if I write out a puzzle for her).  She loves the fact that I made something for her and it always spurs her on and she ends up completing the pages very quickly.  So when I was creating some addition pages for her brother she quickly asked for some of her own pages.  She wanted mixed up times table practice pages. Easy enough.

I started making a few pages for her and then I realized that I would be teaching my youngest his times table at some stage so I might as well make a full set and then they are ready and waiting.  I went all the way back and started off with 0x and 1x and built it up to 12x.  Because my aim is to use them with my youngest I included a page of each times table written out in order and then mixed up.  I always included pages of different times tables together.  I did the order in the way that my daughter has learnt hers.  So after 1x we did 2x then 5x and 10x.  Then 3x, 4x and 8 x.  It might look a bit mixed up but they are all there.

time tabale practice pages free to download ofamily learning together

And yes my daughter pointed out that this page above included some 10x when it was only supposed to be 3x, 8x and 11 x – naturally I was just checking to see she was paying attention (when I told her that she just laughed – and told me it was okay everyone makes mistakes – best kid ever –  I have changed the page so it no longer has the 10x on it).

Here is the times table set I made for the kids (39 pages)


We often do our maths pages in our Learning Resources Wipe Clean Pockets.  It is just a personal thing, the kids like using them as they can easily wipe out their answers and they can redo a page if they want to (also really great to use when the kids are practicing letter formation – we have been using ours a lot lately with my daughter’s cursive as she can practice writing the words over and over again.)

She has now informed me that she prefers these pages to the workbooks so she has placed a few orders with me for some extra maths pages.  Which I am more than happy to make for her as watching her practice maths with a grin on her face, exclaiming I can do these is just the best thing.  Totally worth spending the times setting up some extra pages for her.

times table practice pages created by ofamily learning together


I have included an Affiliate link for the write and wipe pockets. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same.  I only include affiliate links for products that we own, use and love.



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  1. Camie says:

    I love the idea of using the wipe clean pockets to practice cursive and the math sheets you made up are great. 😊

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