Custom made spelling paper

One of the areas that my daughter is really working hard on is her spelling.  Learning spelling can be quite boring at times (yes we do play lots of word games but still) so we thought it might be fun to custom make a few writing pages for her to use when she practices writing out her spelling words.

She wanted something colourful and pretty but with lines on and something that she can use her STABILO 3-in-1 pencils on (they wipe off laminated pages which is one of the reasons why she loves using them).

We started off creating the colourful pages.  We tried two different methods – first we tried some bleeding tissue paper.  We have done this a few times before so the kids know what to do.  We add some tissue paper to card (we prefer using card for this as my son  can be a bit over generous when he adds the water), then the kids dip their paint brushes in some water and “paint ” over the tissue paper so it is wet and the colours bleeds into the page.  We leave it to dry and they peel off the dry tissue paper.

Kids adding tissue paper to card and then using paint brushed to wet the tissue paper so that the colour bleeds

My son managed one large A3 page before he had enough but my daughter did page after page (she says she likes how pretty the paper looks afterwards).

Bleeding tissue paper- what the end result looks like

We also had a go at using our STABILO Cappi felt pens and letting the colours run – by adding water.  In the past I have done a version of this with the kids where they drew or coloured in pictures with felt tip pens and then we added some water using paint brushes.  But this time we tried a slightly different version (thanks to Kirby from Jump Out The Box  who showed us this new method).  You use your felt tip pens to colour on a plastic ziplock bag (sandwich bag), use a paint brush to add some water to the colour on the sandwich bag and then turn the bag over and press it down onto some paper – we swished ours around on the paper (just because it was fun) and got this stunning result.

Using the ink from felt tip pens to get a patterned effect on card by adding water and rubbing with a plastic sandwhich bag

using felt tip pens to create a coloured patterned page

As we wanted to use these pages for spelling practice we drew some lines on them and then laminated the pages.  I must admit something, I was a bit nervous about laminating these pages as I was worried that the colours might get ruined but all the pages came out perfectly and just to show well these pages laminated – here is a photo of one of the pages going in and coming out.

Laminating our patterned spelling and writing pages

And we have already started using them (well my daughter has).  She has used them to write out the spelling words that she is learning and she has used them for a sentence writing activity that she does with her brother (they each get a card with a word on and then they have to create a sentence with the word and she writes out the sentence).

And in case you are wondering the STABILO 3-in-1 pencils that she uses to write on the laminated pages – just wipes off with a tissue (bit of an action shot photo but proof that they pencils wipe off easily).

Wiping the STABILO 3-in-1 pencils off the laminated pages

Writing on her laminated pages using the Stabilo 3-in-1 pencils

Custom made spelling and writing pages to use in our home education

Fellowes kindly gave us our A3 laminator so I could use it when making our home-ed goodies.








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