Craft kits for when you are out

My youngest has regular Occupational Therapy sessions and while he is busy my daughter waits with me in the small waiting area.  We often take books with to read and we have even tried taking some of her “work” with us but it is a waiting area so there can be people coming and going, noises, strange smells and she can battle to focus on what she is doing.  We tried drawing, but again just not the right environment, we have taken some of our games (Like Rush hour) with us which has been fun but she does not want to do that at every session.  So what to do ?  My latest box of Baker Ross goodies solved my problem.  Craft kits to keep her busy.  Perfect.

The way they are packaged, you have everything you need in a small bag. (the photo below is what one of the bags in the Sealife Spiral Notebook Kit looks like – we had 4 of these separate little bags in our pack)

Baker Ross craft kits easy to pack and do while out

We have done a number of these craft kits now and the only extra items we have needed was some glue and our scissors – which I have in the pencil-case in my handbag.  I learnt when we started home education to keep a small pencil-case with me at all times so I could advantage of  moments when the kids felt inspired.  And bonus – when my son comes out of his sessions and sees what his sister has done he often asks if he can also try.  And to be honest, after his OT session, sitting and doing a craft is just the perfect activity for him as he can be exhausted and a bit cranky.

Sealife Spiral Notebooks

My daughter recently used the Paracord Bracelet Kit to make both herself and her brother some very cute bracelets.  I have to admit when I first saw the kit I was a bit nervous that it was too complicated for her.  But I did an example showing her how to do it and she was off.

Making a Paracord BraceletParacord bracelet from baker ross

She enjoyed making those bracelet so much that so also had a go at making some charm bracelets. Again everything you need to do the craft while you are out and about is in a small plastic bag, nice and easy to take with you, not big and not heavy, very easy to slip into my handbag. The craft kits also contains easy to follow instructions.

Making Unicorn charm bracelet from Baker Ross

These little craft kits have been such a success that I think we are going to continue with this idea.  I think it might be fun to try one of their cross-stitch kits – I know my daughter would love the Bug cross stitch kit or maybe the woodland animals cross stitch.  I also think the Mosaic foam coaster kit would keep her busy and happy while we wait for her little brother.

I do get sent parcels of Baker Ross goodies for the kids to use but I also buy  from the website on a regular basis.







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2 Responses to Craft kits for when you are out

  1. Camie says:

    Love the idea of on-the-go crafts!

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  2. another mom says:

    I think your children can only gain when you use your time so wisely. A good example for when they grow up and can continue with their crafts which they will be so comfortable doing. They are bound to end up being creative adults.

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