Flower Drawing using Free Twinkl play dough mats

We have had these FREE Twinkl Flower playdough mats for awhile now but today instead of using our play dough on the mats we got out our STABILO 3-in-1 pencils and had a quick impromptu drawing lesson.

Drawing flowers on play dough mats

My daughter often gets very frustrated when drawing but today she really got the drawing and did three sheets by herself.  We looked at each flower together and then on a scrap piece of paper I showed her how I would draw it.  So for the daffodil page I started doing the center and then added the petals.   I made sure it keep my own drawings very simple as I think part of her frustration comes when she compares her drawings to mine.  Then she had a go on her laminated play dough mats.

Drawing a daffodil

I was really proud that she kept trying and drew each picture a couple of times.

Drawing flowers on the Twinkl play dough mats

She liked the fact that she could easily wipe off her attempts on the laminated pages and retry over and over until she got it.

Drawing a poppy on the Twinkl play dough mat

It was ended up being a long drawing session (for her that is) and it was definitely a confidence building drawing session.  She is already talking about trying to draw the pictures on a piece of paper tomorrow.

Free flower play dough mats from Twinkl great for drawing

In case you have not heard me talk about how much I love our STABILO 3-in-1’s – we do love them, we use them to draw on laminated pages, on windows and sliding doors as they are super easy to wipe off.  You can buy them in a number of different size packs – we have the large box which we have used now for almost 4 years.

The large box of 18 pencils

A pack of 10 

and the pack of pack of 6.

I have included affiliate links in the post.  If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will be the same.

Here is an old post about using the STABILO pencils on sliding doors and windows

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