Word Hunt

My youngest is loving his reading at the moment, he will bring me four of his BOB readers at one go and want to sit and read all of them to me.  He is really good at sounding out his words but I wanted to practice reading a few words like “the” with him in a fun way.  So we came up with our  word hunt game and we ended up including about 10 basic words for him.

The idea was I placed a number of word cards in the lounge / kids play area and then I would give him an instruction and he would need to find the word.  Eg Leopard crawl and find the card that says “and” or slither like a snake through the tunnel and find the word “the”.  And off he would go.  To make this as fun as possible I included things like our tunnel (from IKEA), our small indoor trampoline, his hopper and a few other bits and bobs that we have.

word search

word search - finding the cards

He LOVED it.  Honest he thought this was the best game in the world.  After he had found all 10 cards he asked me to redo, so we played the game again a second and third time.  By the end he was so exhausted he just lay on the lounge floor for  about 15 minutes.

word search though the tunnel

Ideas of what we included – slide through your tunnel like a snake, hope like a kangaroo, gallop on your horse, bounce on your hopper, fly like an eagle, jump like a frog.  There are so many options and not only did my little man get to practice some word recognition he also got to do some movement and burn off some energy on a very wet miserable day.


Getting the kids moving while doing a word search indoors on a miserable day

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