New playdough bits and pieces that we love

We seem to have been in a bit of a play dough phase the last few weeks.  I bought the kids two new play dough sets and they both have been big hits.  The first one I actually found in a sale aisle at our local Sainsbury’s and as my son had just lost 2 teeth that past week I just could not resist buying it.

Dentist Playdoh set head and tools

It is a mini Dentist play Doh set.  Total spur of the moment purchase (largely due to the massive discount in price) but as it turns out well worth it.  Both kids have spent hours creating the teeth, and giving him fillings and pretending to be a dentist.  A fun way of using play dough but also a great play set for kiddies who are apprehensive about visiting the dentist.  (Both my kids do not like the lights and noises at the dentist and get very tense when we go).

Dentist Playdoh set

Our second new play dough purchase was a little packet of body parts.  I have been eyeing this out for a new months and I needed another £3 to fill my basket to qualify for free shipping so it was finally purchased.

Body parts to use with playdough

The pieces in the set are simple but they both my kids have used them over and over again to create a number of different “people”.

Body Parts playdough set

It is a great way of getting the kids to roll the play dough and push and pull objects in and out of the play dough – great for hand strengthening which is so important for writing.

Body Parts - great for little hands

Body part playdough set - making up a little mosnster

It is also a great imaginative toy – the kids can get very creative with the people / monsters / fantasy people that they create.

Body part set - great for making little monster men

Body part set - little yellow man

And we have even used some of the people created to inspire a fun writing project – my daughter made up a story about three of the fantasy people.



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2 Responses to New playdough bits and pieces that we love

  1. speciallearninghouse says:

    I love this post! Such great ideas for getting ready to go to the dentist and hours of playdough fun! Thanks for sharing! ❤

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