Making some colourful writing paper

The last few weeks my oldest has been going through a “writing notes” craze – not really sure what to call it.  She is constantly writing little notes and making little cards for everyone in the family.  Her whole face lights up when she gives someone their note or card and they read it and normally end up giving her a massive big hug. My husband and I are both really trying hard to encourage this as not only is it great for her writing and spelling but it is a great way of her expressing herself.

One of the things we thought might be fun was if we made our own colourful writing paper for her to use.  The first set of writing paper was very spur of the moment and we just used our heart and flower stampers and inkpad that were lying on our kitchen table (my youngest had been using them earlier in the day).

Making our own writing paper with stamps

I am actually finding that the stamps are really good for my daughter to use as she tends to always press very lightly with whatever she is doing – writing / drawing / even using her hands with play dough.  But with the stamps to get a nice even result, she needs to make sure that she presses fairly hard and consistently over the stamp.  They are proving great for her hand strength.

She was happy with the first attempt and used the pages.  But a few days later while the kids where using the tissue paper to do something (I honestly do not know what they where trying to make), some of the tissue paper got wet and it “bleed ” onto the card.  Total accident but it reminded me of reading some posts about “bleeding the tissue paper” and well, both kids thought the effect was cool.  So we had a go.

We started off with watercolour paper (but we did move onto card later).  We used a large paint brush to wet the paper and then the kids covered it with tissue paper.  Once the paper was covered with tissue paper we made sure that all the tissue paper was wet and then we removed the wet tissue paper

Bleeding the tissue paper onto watercolour paper

The result is really cool.  I think the plain coloured pages make a really good background.

Watercolour paper after the tissue paper has been removed

We also tried some with patches of different coloured tissue paper.  This is my favourite page.  I love the colours and the movement.

Using tissue paper to create fun colourful paper

Once the paper had dried my daughter used a few of the stamps to add some extra detail.  She did not want the stamps to be bright so once she had covered the stamp with the ink she first stamped a scrap piece of paper and then stamped her background page.

Adding faint stamps to our background

After the bleeding tissue paper and the stamps have been usedI do love the end effect of the wet tissue paper and stamps together.  Who needs to buy pretty writing paper when you can make your own ?

Bleeding Tissue paper. Stunning effect and very easy to do just need bits of tissue paper and some water


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3 Responses to Making some colourful writing paper

  1. Camie says:

    What lovely stationary! I’m going to have to try the bleeding tissue paper.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ofamily2014 says:

    My daughter wants to do it again tomorrow to make some wrapping paper – think it will make stunning wrapping paper


  3. MG says:

    This looks like fun! I think I’ll try making some myself.


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