A Homeschooling mom’s letter to Santa

It is that time of the year where everyone is busy planning what Christmas pressies to buy and what to include in their letters to Father Christmas.  As most homeschooling moms I have a never-ending Amazon wish list that just keeps growing so just as something fun I wondered what would a letter from this homeschooling mom look like.

Dear Santa

What I would really love more anything is a never-ending supply of ink for my printer and a cleaning fairy who quietly cleans and packs away all the laundry in the middle of the night but from what my friends have told me these are unrealistic requests to include in a letter to Santa.  Really ? So here are a few of my more realistic requests for a Christmas pressie, any one would make this homeschooling mom very happy.

A box of art kits for the days when I am feeling exhausted and not very creative.  I am not fussy which art kits just something to keep the kids busy and give me chance to catch my breath.  Maybe the Rainbow weaving kit or the mosaic foam coaster kit for those days in February when we just do not want to leave the warmth of our house.

Usborne Look Inside or Usborne See Inside books.  And let be frank here any book in this series is bound to be a big hit with both my kids so you can choose.  If you find choosing the correct book a bit too stressful a gift voucher to almost any store would be welcome as well (just trying to be helpful).

An extension of my Twinkl subscription would also be most appreciated.  Did you know that you could give one as a Christmas pressie – I would really like the Platinum Plus please but Platinum would also do.

Could I also get an endless supply of latte’s delivered to the house ?  No ! Okay is there a coffee mug that is homeschooling mom safe –  will not spill on any of my papers or my computer (hubbie in case you read this – that never happened to me – well not really anyway………..) and will keep my coffee warm while I get distracted doing a project with the kids?  I am not fussed by colour.

Some more Safari Toob’s.  My kids love being able to hold 3 dimensional items in their hands while we are learning and these are just fab.  I have been eyeing out the Dinosaur Skulls for some time but the  fossil bag and the Prehistoric Life set also look amazing.  Honestly any one of these would be a welcome sight under my tree.

I am still after the perfect pair of jeans.  Nothing fancy just a pair that hides that fact that I did indulge in my daughters latest baked goods.  So magic jeans they have invented those right?

Speaking of baked goods, is there a way of working some Christmas magic over my Pinterest boards so that all the best recipes magically appear on my baking with kids board?

Two happy, smiling, laughing, fill of questions kiddies who love each other.  Oh wait, I have that, so Santa, it is okay I have everything that this homeschooling mom could possibly need on Christmas morning,  Thanks anyway.

sensory kids having a day at home

Merry Christmas



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1 Response to A Homeschooling mom’s letter to Santa

  1. another mom says:

    How delightful…you are a lucky Mom and you express yourself very well.


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