Large African Animal picture by kids

My daughter loves painting colouring pages.  She likes using “simpler ” colouring pages so she can add different colours for details and shadows.  Often the pages end up having an abstract feeling about them but recently she did a number of african animal pages that looked really good.

Painting the Springbok colouring page from activity village

She is slowly getting the hang of her shading, although we do still get a number of pictures that do not turn out like she would like them to.  With my daughter I have often found that if I physically do something with her it really helps.  So we ended up doing the Rhino together, she really enjoyed it and afterwards tried really hard to do apply the shading to her elephant, although she did complain that the pattern of the giraffe made it very hard to shade.

Rhino colouring page using paint to try and practice shadows

With our african animal pictures I thought it might be fun to use them to create an extra-large african scene.  So I cut them out for her (she was very scared that she would ruin her pictures by cutting them out so I did it for her).

painted african animal colouring pages cut out

I unrolled a large piece of paper on our kitchen table and the kids painted an African background.  My daughter did draw some clouds on the paper which were suppose to be left blank but little brother got a bit carried away with painting the sky blue (she did not really mind as she loves it when he joins in with an activity that she is doing).

Large African animal backgroundAnd then they had a lot of laughs trying to decide which animals should go where.  The final picture looked like this

Large African animal painting using colouring pages found on ofamilyblogI love the end result.

The colouring pages that we used are all Free to download from Activity village.  Here are the links.






They have lots of other great African animal colouring pages that you could also use.

Large African animal painting activity for kids to do

Step by step kids making a large african animal painting


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  1. another mom says:

    It is so very nice that they are painting well at an early age….they will grow their talent and one day be artists who will appreciate the early start.


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