Using baking mixes with young kids or SPD kiddies

I love baking with my kids.  They both enjoy it and we mostly have success with our recipes.  These days we tend to follow simple recipes but when we first started and the kids where a bit younger we did use baking mixes as a way of getting them use to baking.

And even now I do sometimes rely on a baking mix when one or both of my kids are having a bad sensory day.  I always think it is better to bake with the aid of a baking mix than not to bake with the kids at all.  Afterall even when you use a baking mix the kids still get to do some measuring, pouring, maybe they break an egg, maybe ice the end result, cut it or decorate it.   Sometimes these small beginner steps will encourage a child who is a sensory avoider to explore baking and end up experimenting with a recipe later.

Young baker on ofamilyblog

So I thought it might be fun to test out a few baking mixes from Tesco.  My kids went with me to our local store and they helped me select the baking mixes to test.

My daughters selection

We started with the Tesco Triple chocolate biscuit baking mix – this was my daughter’s choice.  My daughter loves anything that contains chocolate so I suppose it was no big surprise that she wanted to make these first.  I have to admit I was a bit reluctant as I thought it was just going to be way to rich for her but it was yummy.   With our first batch I did not monitor the size of the cookies being made and they did end up being giant cookies.  With this mixture it is best to keep them smaller and watch that you do not leave them in for too long.

My husband suggested that we try a second batch but make them like the Romany Cream biscuits that you get in South Africa. (Think of a biscuit sandwich stuck together with some chocolate icing.)  So this time we made the biscuits much smaller.  And once they had cooled down the kids added a small amount of chocolate icing to half the biscuits and then added the other biscuits on top   Big success with the whole family !!

Chocolate biscuits made using tesco mixI must warn you though if you have little rascals like mine you might need to keep an eye on the icing of the biscuits, it is very tempting for the kids to gobble down the icing if they get a chance (well for my son it was).

Also these are rich biscuits so it is not something you would bake every week, but for treats, maybe a fun picnic or  kids “tea party” the kids will love them (and so will you).

Scones.  Hmm.  My kids and my hubbie love scones but for some reason I do NOT like baking them.  Not sure what it is.  I like baking biscuits, and muffins but scones just do not jump out at me and say Bake me.  So as a treat for the rest of the family I agreed we could try the Scone mix. It is very simple to make and involves some measuring of milk and pouring, which my son enjoyed.  The instructions on the packet suggests semi-skimmed milk but we used full cream.  Also making the scones turned out to be a great sensory activity for my son.  He enjoyed using his hands to mix it all together.

Helping with the pouring when making sconesHelping making the scones

My kids like plain scones, with nothing extra added.  So after they had finished making the first batch we tried a second one.  This time we added some cut up bacon and grated cheese and then rolled the mixture into a long sausage shape so that the bacon and cheese was in the middle.  I cut them into small sections and baked as usual.

adding the bacon and cheese to the sconesThe very yummy bacon and cheese sconesThese savoury scones are not something that my kids eat but both my hubbie and I love them.  In fact hubbie has asked if he can take some to work as part of his packed lunch. I am definitely going to be buying this scone mix again.

I also gave a Tesco Lemon Drizzle Cake mix to the lovely Kirby from KirbyG Photography to test for me.  Her two kids and husband baked the cake while she took these lovely photos for me.  Her kids had a great time making the cake with their dad and everyone enjoyed the end result.  However they did mention that although the kids enjoyed making the cake it was not the simplest and that some kids recipes are actually simpler to follow.

Making the lemon drizzle cake

little bakers making the lemon drizzle cake

Tesco lemon drizzle cake

I know all kids involved in our little baking mix test had a lot of fun both making the goodies and sampling the end results.

Official Bit – Tesco did kindly provide me with a small voucher to cover the cost of these baking mixes but there was no obligation to give a good review.

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