Kids art activity – Oil pastels and water colour doodling / patterns

Lots of our art lately has been doodling and having fun with whatever is on hand.  I recently explain to my daughter that art does not mean that you have to create a realistic image it can also be shapes and colours and just whatever inspires you.  This has actually been a challenging idea for my daughter as she likes to get everything “just right” and with this there does not seem to be a right way.

One of the ideas that we have been playing with and which had some fun results is this.

oil pastel picture with water colours

We start off with our oil pastels just doodling or making patterns on either card or water-colour paper.

oil pastel patterns

Then we paint over the oil pastels with our water-colour paints.

oil pastel with water colours over

I think the end result is great.

Kids art idea - oil pastel drawing with water colours painted over the top

Kids oil pastel with water colour wash over the top

It is a simple fun art activity for young kids and they get to experiment with mixing mediums.

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1 Response to Kids art activity – Oil pastels and water colour doodling / patterns

  1. I like the idea of just being able to color whatever one wants rather than trying to make the ‘perfect’ picture!! Thanks for sharing at our FB Share Day!


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