Usborne Look Inside Science book and some Twinkl pages

Two of our favourite learning tools are the Usborne books and the Twinkl pages.  My kids love both.  One of my daughter’s favourite books has to be the Look Inside: Science (Usborne Look Inside).  She loves paging through it and as a result it has been the springboard for some interesting chats and great learning.

Usborne See Inside Science book cover

Usborne look inside Science - what is ScienceThis lovely book is now fast becoming one of my son’s favourites to sit and page through so I thought it was time to put together a little post showing how we have combined our love for this book with some learning.  The links that I am including are just examples of what we have done using this book and the Twinkl website but honestly there are so many possibilities with this book and the Twinkl resources that I can not include every option.

The materials page seems to be one of my son’s favourites as the moment (my daughter was more obsessed with the plant and human pages).

Usborne Look Inside Science book the Materials page. Great for young children learning basic science concepts

My son has been using the material vocabulary poster  (Twinkl gold) to help him on his walks around the house and garden while he tries to deciede what different objects are made from.

Materials Vocabulary Poster from Twinkl. Science Resource for Key Stage 1 aged children and great for Home learning

Both kids have enjoyed playing with their magnets discovering what objects are magnetic and which ones are not.  (Link for the FREE magnetic word mat in the photo below).

Magnetism Word Card Free To download from Twinkl. Great resource to use for science with young children

My daughter loves the Plants and tree page.  This page was actually the reason that we grew some beans last year as my daughter wanted to see the a plant grow from a seed and watch it develop.

One of our local farmers grows sunflowers and they allow the kids to go and pick them.  So we are waiting patiently to do that before we make our own sunflower lapbook.  We will probably use a lot of the pages from Twinkl’s Sunflower life cycle resource pack (platinum) for our Sunflower lapbook.  But in the mean time we have printed off these lovely sunflower life cycle strips (platinum) for the kids to look at and the Sunflower cut and paste page (gold).

The Sunflower life cycle photo strip from Twinkl. Key Stage 1 science resource

Sunflower life cycle cut and paste page

My daughter’s other favourite page is the Your body page.  She actually made a lovely My body lapbook last year.  All links for the pages that she used in her Body lapbook are included in the original post.  Here is a photo of the end result.

My Body Lapbook made using pages from Twinkl. Home learning science project for young children

I have to be honest the light and sound page has been largely ignored by the kids.  But I recently came across a great looking light experiment (Twinkl platinum) which we are going to try soon and hopefully that might encourage some discussion.

Light experiment from TwinklMy daughter has also only recently started asking about the Forces and discussing gravity. I downloaded this Type of Forces posters (Twinkl Platinum) and I am hoping to do a few experiments with the kids around this topic.

Science Resources. Types of Forces posters from Twinkl . Primary science learning aids

The last page in the book is Earth and Space which is my son’s other favourite page (he loves anything to do with space rockets).

Usborne Look Inside Science earth and space page

He recently read another book called – Is A Blue Whale The Biggest Thing There is?: A book about size (Wonderwise). And is now fascinated by how big the sun, the planets and stars are.  He loves this Solar system mat.  I can see a Space lapbook somewhere in our future.

Mnemonic Solar System Mat from Twinkl. Primary science resources

This is not a post done on behalf of Usborne or Twinkl.  These are just some of my ideas on how you could combine two fabulous resources and use them in some home learning.

Usborne Look Inside Science a great book for Introducing science concepts to young childrenTwinkl pages we used with the Usborne look Inside Science Book

I have included Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same.  I only include affiliate links for products that we own, use and love.






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