Baking Thumprint Cookies with two kids

Baking with two kiddies can have it’s challenges but it can also be a lot of fun.  Early on I realised that the key to baking with my two rascals is just to enjoy the process and not to care too much about the end  result,  sometimes we are succesful and sometimes we are not so successful.

Today we decided to try a new recipe, here it is – thumbprint cookies

I liked the look of this recipe as it was simple,  allowed the kids to get involved and get their hands messy.

Unfortunately today was just one of those days.  My son managed to empty most of the salt from our container into the mixture and he also ended up being a bit too generous with the flour.  However we stuck with it (we tried to scoop out the salt and ended up adding some milk to our mixture as it was too dry).

The kids rolled the mixture into little balls with their hands and used their thumbs to press down in the middle.

thumbprint cookies rolling ballsThey also scooped the jam into the middle of the cookies by themselves.

making thumprint cookiesAnd after all our mistakes I am glad to say that they actually tasted very yummy and the best part was my daughter loved them.

thumprint cookiesSo even though we did not manage to stick to the instructions, the kids did get their hands messy and they ate something new  – so all in all I would consider this successful.  And yes we will try this recipe again and who knows maybe next time we will manage to stick to the measurements.

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