Making our own mosaic letters

We have been doing a number of letter activities for our little man lately, he has been loving them and keeps asking me for more.  This time I thought we would combine our letters with some crafts and make our own mosaic letters.

I downloaded the paper saving blank display lettering from Twinkl (part of their gold package but you could also make your own letters), printed them on card and cut the letters out.

Twinkl lettersI collected a sample of goodies which I thought the kids would enjoy using. I included some red beans, kidney beans, corn, pasta, buttons, art gems, shredded paper some small art sticks and some coloured rice.  All of the items where either from my kitchen cupboard or from the kids art trolley.  We just used our normal PVA art glue.

Mosaic lettersI asked my son if he wanted to try and this is him doing a g

Letter g with pastaAs I suspected his sister could not resist joining in and she started off with the buttons and then went straight for the corn.

Mosaic letter f

Mosaic letter t

I was actually surprised at how long the two of them sat and how many letters they managed to get done in one go. They are determined to complete all the letters of the alphabet.

Mosaic letters completed

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