Numbers + Cone People = Fun Maths Learning

We love the cone people from Twinkl.  Recently I stumbled upon a set that we have not used before and it included numbers on the people.  Perfect for our type of Maths.  Numbered Cone people (part of the Platinum package on Twinkl)

I initially mixed them all up.  And let the kids sort them out.

cone people startMy little boy is good with his number recognition up to 10 but after that he does sometimes get a bit confused so this was good practice for him.

cone people sortingOnce he had sorted them all to 30 he went to have some breakfast so his sister and I had a go.

I asked her to see if she could remove all the odd numbers for me.

cone people counting in 2's

Then she sorted them into 5’s

cone people counting in 5'sShe is battling with counting in 3’s so she asked me to help her with this.  We set out all of the cones in order and then we used our fingers to jump to every 3rd cone (and in the process removing the in-between ones).  She liked this.

cone people counting in 3's

And lastly we did some missing numbers (her idea).  I set up the cones with a bunch of the numbers missing and she had to put the missing cones in the correct place.

cone people missing numbers

And of course the great thing about these cone people is they are great to use as an obstacle course for cars.

cone people racing cars

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