African animals continued

My kids have really been enjoying our African animal theme so we have continued a bit longer than I had initially planned.

All of our discussions about which animals are carnivores and which are herbivores seemed to naturally lead us onto food chains.  My little boy is totally fascinated by this.  I  downloaded these great food chain cards (platinum on Twinkl) and we had lots of interesting chats about which animal would eat which.

food chain 1They also both had a go at making their own food chains with the cards.

food chain 2

I was really chuffed when we went for a walk later on that day –  I heard both kids chatting and asking each other “what animal do you think would eat this ?”  Some of the answers where  a bit creative, but I love that they are thinking and discussing it with each other.

We also made our very own African animal factfile book.  We used these Safari factfile pages (gold Twinkl).

animal factfileWe slotted the pages into plastic A4 sleeves and then tied them together with some ribbon.  We also included the lion life cycle page in our little book.

animal factfile 2

And my daughter made her own cover.  I have to confess that when she asked me if she could use the pictures lying on the table I said yes without really thinking about what I was saying yes too (the pictures she used are the pattern matching cards which I had printed for my little boy to do).  But she did make a lovely cover for her book, so I just need to reprint the cards for my son.

animal factfile 3

animal factfile cover

And one of our obsessions are the great cone characters from Twinkl.  My kids love them, we currently have a box filled with cone people and cone animals and I am not allowed to throw any away.  So naturally we could not study african animals and not have fun decorating our own safari cone animals

cone animals 2

cone animals 1

cone animals

cone animals 3I have really enjoyed spending the last few weeks doing African animal inspired activities with the kids.

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