Making a My body Lapbook

Pink has never been that interested in learning about bodies or anything related but a few months ago we bought this lovely book  Usborne Flip-Flap Body Book (affiliate link)      She loves it, she often just sits on the couch paging thought it and of course asking questions.  So this last week while I was making her brother a Dinosaur lapbook she asked if we could make a body lapbook.

We started off by talking about her senses and she helped me make these flaps.  She wrote the name of each sense on a flap and  stuck a picture to represented it.


Then on the inside of the flaps she stuck some words for each sense (eg for taste  – sweet and sour).  We used the FREE senses word cards from Twinkl for this .

Senses 2

Once we had finished that she wanted a picture of a skeleton.  We used the FREE label the human skeleton from Twinkl for this.


I also downloaded the Skeleton Cut-out page (Gold on Twinkl) and cut out the pieces for her.

Skeleton cut outs 2

She enjoys looking at how it all fits together and has enjoyed matching the loose skeleton cards to the correct part on the main Skeleton page.

The Human skeleton

On top of the skeleton picture I stuck the Human Body organs picture (platinum on Twinkl).  This is just to help her visualise where everything is as she is asking lots of questions about where our organs are located.  This page folds up so that she can see the skeleton page below.

Body Lapbook

Then on the outside flap we stuck the FREE label the body picture. I laminated the labels and they are inside a pouch on the inside so that she can redo this as often as she likes.

Parts of the body

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