Number Peg cards

We are going through a bit of a number peg card craze in our house lately.  Blue has done a number of different ones. (links are all below the photos)

peg cards 2

Number recognition cards (1 – 10) peg activity  (FREE on Twinkl)

Number recognition cards (1-20) peg activity (gold package on Twinkl)

snowflake pegs

Snowflake peg card (gold package on Twinkl).  He was so proud of this one that he asked me to skype just so he could show his granny.


Dinos peg card

Dinosaur stick puppets (gold package on Twinkl).  These are actually not meant to be peg cards but we printed the stick puppets onto card and laminated them and the Blue had to match the correct number of pegs onto each Dinosaur.  This has been one of the big hits with him.

So I thought it would be fun to make our own number peg cards.  I did this with his big sister about 2.5 years ago when she kept getting stuck with the numbers around 20.  We used the scrap card in the house and some stickers to make her number cards.  She loved the fact that the stickers were raised off the paper so she could feel them.  We ended up laminating most of the cards that we made.  I managed to find some of the original ones that Pink and I made (very basic but it did the trick).


Peg card original

The lovely people at Twinkl very kindly made us a blank template to use with Blue for our new batch of peg cards.  You can find the FREE template here : Blank Peg cards .  As you can see both kids loved using stickers for this.  Blue really enjoyed helping to make these and he has already set them out on his table for his  “school work” tomorrow (Blue is adamant that he needs to be given his own school work to do each morning just like his big sister).

Peg card making 3

peg card making 4

Blue is not yet able to write his numbers clearly so big sister did most of the number writing for him (great excuse to get big sister to do some extra writing).

peg card numbers

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