Goldilocks and the three bears

Pink has never been a big fan of traditional stories but the last month I have tried to gently re-introduce some of the stories.  We have had some big hits and some clear losers.  We managed to pick up a lovely Gingerbread Man reader at our local library which she loved and read over and over and over until we had to return it.  I also got a Princess and the frog reader and she totally hated that so back to the library for that one.  So far the big winner out of the traditional stories that I have tried reading to her has been Goldilocks and the three bears.  Both Pink and Blue have loved it.

Pink was quite taken by how the bears are described and has spoken to me on a number of occasions about how Daddy bear was grumpy, baby bear was sad and that Goldilocks was sleepy and hungry which according to her is why she was naughty.  So I was thrilled when I found these great Goldilocks character writing pages on Twinkl (Platinum).

GoldilocksI really like the fact that they have shown the words at the top.  It gave Pink the confidence to use some of the bigger words in her sentences,

She also really enjoyed doing the wanted poster (Twinkle platinum).  We are definately going to be trying some more of these wanted posters in the future.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd both kids did the labelling cutting and sticking pages together.  My kids love being given labelling pages to do, it is always a hit in our house.


I also found this lovely Fairy Tale Theatre book at out local Tesco for around 3 pounds.  Inside there are lots of great items which you just pushed out of the card pages.  It includes clothes for Goldilocks and the three bears and items go to on the table and inside the house.

Goldilocks push outs

Both kids had great fun re-enacting the story with these and they went on to make up some of their own magical stories using these card pieces together with the Traditional Tale cone people (Twinkl Platinum).  I love how simple items like the card and cone people they have encouraged them to use their imaginations to create their own unique tales.

cone people


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    Love it!


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