Paper Plate weaving

We have been weaving today and I have to admit I have been surprised at how Pink has taken to it.  When I was getting the paper plates ready last night I was not certain if it was going to be a hit or a miss (definite hit with Pink).

I divided a paper plate into 16 sections and cut the ends into triangles (Pink loved that as she said it looked like she was weaving a flower).


Weaving 2I then made a hole in the center and threaded some wool over each section

weaving 3You now need to tie two of the strands on wool together so that you only have 15 separate sections. Thread a piece of wool through the hole in the center and start weaving away.  When you want to add a new colour just tie the new piece of wool on the end of the old piece  and continue weaving.

I suspected Blue might battle with this but I knew he would want to try so I started his off for him.

weaving 6He gave it a go but he did not last long.

Weaving 4Pink really seemed to get into it.

weaving 5It really is a great exercise for little fingers.

I was impressed with how far Pink got.  This is hers at the end of today


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  1. hicamie says:

    This is really neat. I’m going to try this with my son. He enjoys weaving.

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