Year 2 Maths planning

Our learning tends to be a mixture of structure and child lead.  I let the kids take the lead in areas and topics that they are interested in but I like to do Maths and English in a structured way as I think there is a natural order of learning in these subjects but we are flexible. (In Pinks year 1 Maths we did cover some of the Maths that the schools cover in year 2 but we largely ignored learning about Pounds and Pence which is normally covered in year 1).  So lets say flexible structure with child lead topics.  This means I do like to have a basic plan for my year but we do not plan per day we are more weekly / monthly planned and even that is planning done in pencil.  August was suppose to be a holiday then we thought we would learn about India but in the end we learned about the stone Age – so pencil planning.

This week I decided that I did not have enough going on (hmm  – what was I thinking) so I thought I would try and re-look at my year 2 Maths planning.  Some late nights and a lot of new printing and cups of tea later and we now have a Maths file which I think is far more interesting so this is some of what we have penciled in for our year 2 Maths.

I started off  by printing out the year 1 Math checklist from the Twinkl website (these are part of their platinum package).  I went through year 1 checklist to make sure we had covered everything (well excluding the money side).  And then I printed off the year 2 Maths overview (also part of the Platinum package),excluded a few things we had already covered and used it to make an Index for my Maths file.

Here are some of the great printouts that I used in our Maths file

I used a bunch of the pages out of the free valentines Maths pack done by 3 Dinosaurs for Free Homeschool Deals.  (Pink did the odd and even page while I was sorting out the file)


Number Bonds Butterflies – we love these Butterflies – free from Twinkl.  We have already looked at them but have included them in our file as a Revision.

Skip counting Number mazes – free printout from Confessions of a homeshooler

Counting in 2’s, 5’s 10’s etc posters – great visual (Twinkl gold package)

I really like these 3D posters as they show the shape and list their properties (Platinum on Twinkl).


I also printed off these great 3D alien people (Platinum on Twinkl).  The kids saw me printing them off so we have actually already made them but we might redo this later in the year as both kids enjoyed this.


Word problems from Royal Baloo



I just love the  fraction tree from itsybitsyfun   I know Pink will love it

And the teaching time clock from Twinkle (platinum) is just what I was looking for – I started making a clock for Pink showing the face divided into half and quarters but this one looks much better.

I also found this great Egg Symmetry excercise which I just could not resist including


Place value challenge cards (platinum on Twinkl)

And yes I have included addition and subtraction pages (but I am not going to list all of them or I would fall asleep).  And yes I did include some pages about Pounds and Coins but we are mainly going to do this through our shop role playing (will explain in a post next week).

Taking the night off planning and then going to try and redo our English file.

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