Catching stars – phonic fun

A few weeks ago we went around to a friends house and they where fishing for sight words, what a great fun idea !!!!  I had been thinking of revising some of the harder phonic sounds with Pink so I borrowed the idea and changed it a bit and now we have catching stars in our house.  Both kids loved it so much that I ended up making a 2nd catching stars game for Blue using the numbers 1- 10.

I printed off some of the phonics sounds in stars, laminated them and attached paper clips to them.


Then the kids got the horse-shoe magnets and started catching the stars.  Pink did really well saying all the sounds and ended up reading the sounds for Blue when he joined in.


And after playing with the stars Pink went to her white board and practiced writing the sounds out.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe kids really enjoyed this and it was good phonic practice for Pink, so a winner in our house.

I am attaching the star phonic sheets below and the number as well.

catching stars

stars 1-10

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5 Responses to Catching stars – phonic fun

  1. lucy76green says:

    This is a great game! I remember doing this a while ago with times tables and you’ve just reminded me… must go hunt them out… 🙂


  2. sarahelisabeth65 says:

    This sounds fun and something that my children will enjoy,


  3. Oh my I’ve just had a light bulb moment! Paper-clips and magnets – the possibilities are endless for fishing inspired games:) I love the stars and phonics idea because it’s so much fun.

    Thank you so much for inspiring me and thanks for linking up to this weeks #homeedlinkup


    • ofamily2014 says:

      My kids have loved it, I am def going to be doing more with the paper clips and magnets – my youngest has been walking around the house testing everything to see what is magnetic


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