Birds – Mini Bird packs in English and Afrikaans

I started making these about 2 months ago and then with the move and just homeschooling in general I never finished them.  They are not very long but it is my first attempt at a basic themed pack.  I have done one in English and one in Afrikaans.  I am hoping to do a few more longer ones soon.

I left the Afrikaans 3 part cards in the lounge and when the kids came down this morning they quickly found them and where soon sitting with their Ouma, repeating the Afrikaans names and matching the cards.



While Ouma was redoing the Afrikaans cards with Blue for a second time Pink asked for the English Bird cards and started reading the bird names and matched them to the pictures.

We did some of the word maizes but Blue joined in so it ended up being a bit of a mess with lots of lines everywhere.  He is demanding that he gets his own school work these days, I had no intention of starting that with him yet (he is still young) but I have given in as he likes to be included and it helps to keep him busy so that I can spend time with Pink on her work.

You can download the bird pages for free here

General Birds English

General Birds Afrikaans

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2 Responses to Birds – Mini Bird packs in English and Afrikaans

  1. Themed packs or boxes are a really good idea and something I have been considering for my boys. I’ve been toying with little history boxes but as always with these things it is about finding the time to pull them together.
    They seem to be really engaged with the bird packs which is inspiring:)

    Thank you for the links and think you for linking up with the #Homeedlinkup week 5

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  2. ofamily2014 says:

    I have a long list of workpapers / ideas that that I want to do but like you said it is just finding the time to do it all as I am often so exhausted in the evenings. Thanks so much for doing the link up it such a great way of seeing what others are doing.


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