Flower maths

Pink loves flowers, she loves looking at flowers and she loves doing activities with flowers.  We have done a number of flower crafts before, and we used flowers when we where learning about sh, ch and th (she loved that) so I thought I would try something similar to that activity but using maths.  (post re sh, ch, th flowers).

We started off getting the kids to help me trace / draw the parts of the flower that we needed (Blue even tried to to help by tracing around a tip-ex bottle to get a circle).


Then both kids got to cut out the shapes – we did not worry about the funny shaped petals and leaves that emerged as the kids were having fun and they were doing all the cutting for me.


I then wrote out some addition sums on the petals and subtraction sums on the leaves.  Pink had to then put the flower together using the petals and the leaves that give the same answer.



I also did one where I wrote the number on the flower and got the kids to stick the correct number of stickers on the flower.


There are a number of similar flower type activities on Pinterest – we might give some of those a go next week as this proved to be a great activity for both kids.

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Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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4 Responses to Flower maths

  1. lucy76green says:

    Lovely maths idea! I need to get going on some maths games for my two, the interest in workbooks is waning… 🙂


  2. What a fabulous idea. I wish I’d thought of this when we were learning about plants – it would have been a perfect maths activity. I’m sure I can lever it in somewhere:)
    Thanks for linking up to the #homeedlinkup

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  3. Love this idea, will make a note of it!


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