Fractions as per my daughter

So today while we were waiting for our muffins to bake Pink turned to me and said ” mum my tummy is half full” and pointed half way up her tummy to show me what she meant.  I was sitting at my desk busy making her some hand drawn worksheets so I quickly turned the page and made 3 stick people for her (wearing a dress as she had a dress on today) then I asked her to come and show me.  So she showed my on the stick people what half full verses full verses a quarter full would mean.


But then I asked what about a third full.  Pink was not happy with this so we turned the page and did some basic rectangles and coloured in what one half, one quarter, one third and one whole would look like.  Very simple but Pink got the idea that half is bigger than quarter and that a third is bigger than a quarter but smaller than a half.


A bit later on I was helping Blue upstairs and Pink called me down to show me the drawing she had done for her dad (Pink likes leaving a drawing or a note on her dad’s computer every day as she is normally asleep when he gets home from work).


Simple but effective.  Totally not what we had planned to do today but so much better as she directed the learning.



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