Conversation about sensory kids

I have often had other moms ask me why Pink covers her ears, flaps her arms or gets upset if they play loud music and when I try and explain she has spd the responses can vary from being very understanding to thinking that I am just a very overprotective mom.   I am starting to develop a much thicker skin but if I find some of the responses hurtful I can guarantee that a child would also find them hurtful.

I never understand why other parents think that it is okay to talk about a child while that child is standing right there.  Why do they not think that the child will hear what is being said about them ?  Why do they think it is okay to be negative about a child ?  Do they not realise that they are just setting a bad example for their own kids, an example that says it is okay to talk about someone like they do not matter.  Is this really the example parents should be setting ?

When another parent asks me about Pink or about spd, I always ask her is I can explain.  If she says it is okay I try and explain it using terms that we use at home (eg super senses).  If Pink says no it is not okay for me to talk about it (and yes she had done this before) then I explain to that parent that my daughter does not want me to discuss this topic right now and I leave it.  When I have done this other moms have asked me why I am asking my daughters permission.  My response is how can you not ask your kids if it is okay to discuss them when they are standing right next to you hearing everything you say.  Why would I spend my time loving my child and nuturing her while we are at home but as soon as other adults are around stop respecting her ?  How can this be right ? What message does this give our kids ?

So if you ever do bump into me or another mom at a playground and they are not overly keen to discuss why their child may cover their ears, flap their arms or do something a bit strange please bear in mind they are not trying to be rude, they are just trying to respectful to their child, afterall isn’t that what most adults want – To be treated is a respectful manner.


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