Frog Diary / Frog Life Cycle

I mentioned how much my son is enjoying the Animal Diaries and we now have a third one – Frog (Animal Diaries).  And it is just as good as the other two.

It is written in the same format – so the book is essentially the Frog’s diary and he is writing about the events that happen to him.  It includes some fact clips which are inserted as if the frog has stuck clippings into his diary.


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The book covers topics like the frogs habitat, what food the frog eats and who likes to eat the frog.  As well quite a bit on the life cycle and the fact that the frog has a “cold-sleep”.


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I also really liked the bit about the frog getting netted (ie kids pond dipping) as it reinforces that the kids need to be very careful and gentle with creatures that they might discover.  Oh and the little section about the frog getting cut on some glass also great as it started a great discussion about how litter can really hurt animals and it even made my kids think about toys that they might leave out in the garden over night.

The book actually inspired us to revisit the frog life cycle – I was honestly not planning on doing anything this year as we covered it quite a bit last year when the kids got frogspawn from a neighbour.  But my son decided he wanted to make his own life cycle poster – he initially wanted to make something to go inside the animal diary that he is writing but then decided he would rather make a poster (and yes you did read that correctly these animal diary books that he has been reading have encouraged him to write his own animal dairies but that will be a different post).

For his poster idea he selected these sequencing cards from Activity Village and he did the rest.

creating his own life cycle of a frog poster using sequencing cards from the Activity Village website

I think the cards worked really well as a home-made poster and he even inspired his sister to make her own poster.


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If you do have an Activity Village membership you can also download their Frog Life Cycle Poster (which is also good, although the mom in me prefers our home-made versions – totally biased I know)

Life Cycle of a Frog poster downloaded from the Activity Village website

And if you do manage to get your own frogspawn (my kids are hoping like crazy that our neighbour is going to give us more this year – he has a pond in his garden and normally ends up with a crazy amount of frogspawn), then this diary booklet might come in handy – and yes if we do get some I am totally going to print this out and get the kids to write about them.

Admin Bit – this is not an ad.  We discovered this range of books (the Animal Diaries) at our local library and my son loves them so I am borrowing as many as I can.

I do include Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and love.

Animal Diaries Frog. A fun informative book written as if the frog is keeping his own diary

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