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Introducing the Classics with Big Cat Readers

We love books in our house. Both my kids will often spend an afternoon curled up reading a good book (or even books). And as much as we love getting lost in some of the more recent book series (How … Continue reading

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Reading the Classics with Oxford Children’s Classics

One of the book series that we come back to time and time again are the Oxford Children’s Classics. I purposely sought out these stories because I was determined the kids would be exposed to a wide range of books … Continue reading

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English Literature Update – Black Beauty

Over the summer I wrote a number of “starting Year 7” posts where I mentioned the different resources that we were planning on using. So I thought I would give an update on one item that is proving to be … Continue reading

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Why We LOVE Audio Books

We LOVE audio books.  LOVE them.  But let me start by saying in no way do I think they take the place of reading with the kids – they are not a substitute for that one on one time but … Continue reading

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