IGCSE History – Dictatorship and Conflict in the USSR

I have to admit I found choosing History resources for us to use a lot harder than our other subjects. I struggled with the fact that there was not a lot of choice and I love having a number of different options that I can compare and then really spend my time finding the one that I think ticks all our boxes.

So for History I did actually buy another book first, which I was not that impressed with and then I found this series from Pearson and I have since gone on and bought two of these History books. (With History you get to choose which topics you are going to cover). My daughter really wanted to study Russian history so one of the topics that she selected was the USSR between 1924 and 1953.

Both my daughter and I are finding this book (Dictatorship and Conflict in the USSR 1924 – 53 by Pearson Edexcel) really easy to use. The text is formatted with lots of blocks and key information, so it does not feel like you are getting lost in information overload. There are key points and extend your knowledge points in small blocks on the side, they have included lots of sources and where possible photographs and illustrations. They really have made an effort to make it easy to read and digest the information.

At the end of each chapter they have also included a Recap page. We love this summary page. It includes some quick questions (really great for checking that the kids can remember the key facts), some longer questions and a quick summary of all the key facts.

But at this level it is not just about learning the facts it is also about questions and answers. Throughout the different chapters they have inserted Exam-style questions and they include Hints on how to answer the questions (these are great practice questions).

Then at the end of each chapter they have included 2 pages where they take a small question, break down how to answer it and then give sample answers where they also comment on what is good or not so good about the sample answers

We are finding this series a great History resource and one that I am glad we found (even it was on the second attempt)

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