Year 6 Times Table Workbook

I discovered this little gem last year, it was the perfect book for my son.

My son is actually quite good at Maths and could always work out the times tables in his head but I know that actually being able to repeat the times tables quickly is something that does really help with older Maths, so I was determined that he would learn them. I tried a few different ways and nothing was working and then I spotted the Year 4 version of this little book and thought why not, so I bought it and we started to do a double page every day and very quickly I could see that his ability to answer times table questions quickly was vastly improving. And I must admit by the time we had finished the Year 5 workbook I was not sure if we needed to get the Year 6 workbook but after a bit of thought I decided to try it as it just might help to reinforce the times tables while we progress with his other Maths.

And I have to admit I am as big a fan of the Year 6 Book as I was of the Year 5 Book. It is quick and easy to do a double page, in fact he sometimes does 2 double pages in one go. He is practicing some “building blocks” maths, I don’t need to worry about finding him examples to print out, I really love the puzzle questions and it only cost me £4.99 when I bought it.

So quick explanation of how this little workbook is set out. It is written for school kids. So there are 36 double pages – which means 36 “workouts” (the idea being that you do one workout for each school week). They go as far as labelling the workouts Autumn Term, Spring Term and Summer Term. We actually don’t stick to their suggestion of one workout a week we tend to do a few and just whiz through the book (I think it is a great starter maths activity and we often do a double page and then move onto something completely different)

Each Workout is broken down into three sections. Section 1 is the Quick Fire section which is just basic times table, division sums that the kids need to answer. Section two tends to 3 or 4 story sum type questions and then Section three is the Puzzle – which is slightly harder but it is a great thinking activity where the kids see how knowing the times tables help with other Maths. I have also noticed that the questions do get harder as the book progresses.

Oh and there are answers at the back.

I have really enjoyed using this little book with my son, it has definitely helped us speed up our times tables and I do think it was worth the price I paid for it.

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