Times Table Year 5 workbook

I normally stick with the same resources for both the kids but every now and then I need to change something to better suit my youngest. He is actually quite good with Maths – he always understand the concepts quite easily and is able to apply them to all kinds of situations. But when it comes to times tables he just seems to struggle with remembering them (he can work out the answer quite happily but that does take a bit of time) and I have seen with my oldest that knowing your times tables well really is essential for the older years.

So I bought him this book KS2 Maths: Times Tables 10-Minute Weekly Workouts – Year 5: ideal for home learning (CGP KS2 Maths) as a practice book.

CGP KS2 Maths times table Year 5 workbook

This book is written for school terms. So there are 36 double pages – which means 36 “workouts” (the idea being that you do one workout for each school week). They go as far as labelling the workouts Autumn Term, Spring Term and Summer Term. But like we have done with lots of other workbooks we tend to just ignore the labels at the top of the page. My son is currently doing 4 “workouts” a week so we are NOT sticking to their plan. We actually do the workout as a Maths warmup each morning and then after we have finished the workout we go onto our other Maths. It is just what suits us and our way of making sure he is practicing his Times Table a lot because we are trying to work on them (and we are a bit more than half the way through the book and I actually do feel like he has improved, so much so that I am planning on buying the Year 6 times table book as soon as he finishes this one).

Okay so layout. They call each double page a workout and they allocate them between the school terms. The workouts do get harder as they progress (so the problem sums in the Summer Term are harder than the problem sums in the Autumn Term).

Each double page is split into 3 sections. Firstly they have a number of quick fire questions – which are mixed up times tables.

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Then there are 3 or 4 story sums where the kids need to apply their times tables and finally they have a more challenging question called a puzzle. Some of the puzzles in the Summer Term section do include Year 5 Maths concepts so if you have not covered that Maths with the kids they may struggle to answer the puzzles in the Summer Term.

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All answers are include at the back of the book.

In terms of other times table books we have used. I think the Times Tables Practice Book 2: KS2 Maths, Ages 7-11 is easier (it is more what you would use when they are learning the times table.)

But I do think this CGP book (KS2 Maths: Times Tables 10-Minute Weekly Workouts – Year 5: ideal for home learning (CGP KS2 Maths) is easier than the Times Tables Tests Book 2: KS2, Ages 7-11. I still really love the Schofield & Sims Times Table Test book but I felt like my youngest needed some extra practice.

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