A week of learning with games

The week before Easter and the kids and I are feeling exhausted. So I have decided we are going to change things up a bit this week. We have some Maths and English that we still want to wrap up before Easter arrives but apart from that I thought instead of doing our normal topics we are going to do a game an afternoon.

Yip, one board game per afternoon. And no I am not going completely crazy (well I hope not). The games we are going to be playing this week are these ones.

Four games for four afternoons (because Friday is a holiday). These are our board games that we have had for a few years but they are just brilliant learning games and perfect for some low key revision.

On the Map Board Game. This is our Geography game. There are 2 versions (the board has two sides). One focuses on Europe and the other is the Whole World. This is a map/ monopoly game. As you travel around the board you answer Geography questions and if you get them correct you place one of your pieces on that block and you effectively own it. If another players land on your block they need to answer a quick fire question (which is all about capital cities) if they get the answer correct then they take control of your block.

Both of my kids have learnt a lot by playing this game and the great thing about it is the more they play it the more they remember (and yes in our house parents also play).

Playing and learning with the On the Map board game by Oaka Books

Predators and Producers game. This is Biology, it covers animal, human and plant biology. All three of the Science board games follow the snake and ladders format, in this game you get to climb up the producers and have to fall down if you land on a predator. As you move along the board you answer your questions. Oh and if you have kids of mixed ages, mixed abilities all three of the Science games come with 2 sets of cards – so there are slightly harder questions for older kids (when the kids where younger I would often go through the question cards first and select the questions for the topics that we had already covered).

Oaka Books Predators and producers Board Game

The Space Race game is the physics game.

And the What’s the matter game is chemistry.

So yes I know it might sound a bit crazy saying our plan for the week is to play one board game each day but really when you think about it we will actually end up covering a lot in our week. And the bonus is, it will be fun learning and in our house fun learning= learning that is remembered.

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