As part of Science we have been looking at Light and we used 3 different resources.  The light section from our Activate book, a Light reading book that we have (Light: Band 17/Diamond (Collins Big Cat)) and our Oaka Books Light Topic pack. And I must admit they worked really well together. We started by reading through our light book.

Light a Collins BIG CAT inform book

This Light book is written as part of the Collins BIG CAT series which is aimed at KS2 ages and this particular book is geared at year 5/6.  But I found it a perfect way to introduce and then go through some concepts on Light with my Year 7 daughter.  (She really liked the fact that her science topic was covered in a normal reader format).

The book is 54 pages and really covers quite a bit but in an easy to read style.  It starts by introducing Light talking about what Light is and how shadows are formed. Then it goes onto Sun Clocks and mentions Stonehenge (my daughter loved that they included sections like this, she says it made the topic more interesting).

Light a Collins BIG CAT inform book

It talks about reflection and refraction (and they also suggest trying a few experiments at home which we thought was a nice touch).  Then onto lenses and how we see light.  My daughter loves biology so it is always good to try and link any physics to biology whenever possible.

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Rainbows (again a nice extra addition) and travelling light. And then it goes onto a whole section about light in space, rotating earth, eclipses (so really if the kids have looked at space, which mine did recently it linkes the two concepts really nicely).

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Visible and invisible light, radio waves and ultraviolet light – again it links light to other elements in this case animals and plants. It also talks about photosynthesis and animal food chains.  Which we all thought was an interesting inclusion but it made us really think about how important light is to life on earth so we all think it was a good inclusion.

Light a Collins BIG CAT inform book photosynthesis

And then electrical light, the light bulb and solar power is covered. Ad it ends with a bit about light in the future.

I must admit this light book covered a lot.  It covered the expected light concepts like waves, reflection and refraction but it also took it a step further and included more detail about how light affects our world which both the kids and I think made our Light topic that much more interesting.

I was really impressed with this little book on light.

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A reader that supports a Science Topic Light. Easy to read and fill of information. Perfect for home learning

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