Twinkl Go – keeping busy

This past week has been a rough one. Just as the kids were getting over flu my oldest started with a crazy high fever and stopped eating any food. Which means my son and I have been home most of the week with her (I managed to take him for a quick swim on Tuesday as their dad was home watching her, but that really has been it). She seems to be over the worse, her temperature has dropped and we are slowly trying to get food into her. But most of the “academic” work has fallen away. My son has read A LOT, drawn some new sea life pictures, watched a few documentaries but that was about it until I remembered we had access to Twinkl go again. (We have not had access for about 8 months so I sometimes forget to go and look there).

I logged on and left him to select whatever he wanted. That for me is one of the reasons I like Twinkl Go – there is nothing inappropriate, no strange adverts pop up, he can honestly look at anything on there and it is fine. Some of the items he may select will be too easy, some may be a topics we have not covered, but nothing is inappropriate.

And he found a few quizzes

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some word searches

Twinkl Go includes a number of different word searches

and even some times table games that he happily played for quite a while.

Twinkl Go includes some interactive educational games

And he even informed me that he has found some interesting looking comprehensions on Twinkl Go and suggested that I include some of them in next week’s “work” (I love it when they suggest I add some extra activities to their learning). 

It kept him busy when I really needed it too and I am hoping the extra times table practice that he has had over the past 2 days may help him (he is not that keen on his times tables).

One tip – when you sign the kids in make sure the correct age range is selected at the top – I did not check this and he initially struggled to find the right content, but we quickly realized, corrected it and then just like that he had much better options pop up.


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