Number Property Maths Posters from TeachitMaths website

I have mentioned before that we like hanging up learning posters around the house. The posters work really well with both kids and we have seen over time that the information we hang up really ends up sinking in and being remembered. And our posters are a total variety of store-bought, printed from websites, me creating our own summary of facts and sometimes even one of the kids creating a page of something that want to remember and then hanging it up.

A section of the home-made Anglo-Saxon Kings timeline. Part of our British History

I like discovering new pages that we can pin up and I must admit I especially like Maths posters that I can pin up. I was recently on the TeachitMaths website searching for some secondary maths pages from my daughter and I stumbled upon a 10 page Maths poster set that I think is quite handy – they suggest printing the pages out on a3 size pages but I must confess I printed ours out on A4.

I really like this little set and think it is very useful so I am going to share photos of what they have included (The TeachitMaths website is a sister site to TeachitPrimary and you can download all the PDF documents once you have set up a FREE account – I set up a free account in May of this year and I have found the website very useful).

So included in their Number Properties Posters – Odd and Even Numbers, Number words, Multiples, Factors. Prime Factors and then Special Numbers.

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I think it is quite a useful set.

If you want to see what other posters we have used before you can look here – Current posters and Boards

Admin – just to clarify.  We use the TeachitMaths website for our home ed, I am not linked to them in any way, this is just me sharing a link for some Maths pages that I think other might find useful

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