Polydron – fun 3D shapes

During September the kids and I went to the Wonderlab at the London Science Museum. It was a brilliant outing and while we were there both my kids discovered the polydron framework items that were out as part of a building activity (total honesty I also had a go). They both loved them and spent ages creating shapes.

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The kids and I were so impressed with the polydron framework set that a few days later I looked them up – Polydron. And enquired if that would like us to write a review – they did and they kindly sent us there Polydron Might Tub which is a combination of original polydron pieces and framework pieces. In total there are 198 pieces in the tub, so quite a bit to build with

The original pieces are the solid pieces and the framework ones are the ones that just look like a frame. The two fit together and can be interchanged and used together without any issue.

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In fact my daughter preferes building with the two combined.  I prefer the framework pieces – not sure if it is because my hands are bigger than the kids but I sometimes find the originals a bit difficult to connect. I also like the framework pieces because they allow you to see “inside” the shape and when the kids start building more complex combinations it adds an extra depth element.  My son also likes both and also interchanges them without a second thought.

The set comes with some ideas on objects that the kids can build, which is quite useful. 

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My son copied their car idea and then went on to alter it and add in extra windows and eventually turned it some sort of armoured vehicle. And if you go onto their website there are extra ideas that you can download but be warned a few are quite hard – there is one about creating a star that I still cannot figure out (although my son has informed me he thinks he found my error – hmmmm).

I like the fact that the kids can create the 3D nets (the net is what the 3D shape looks like when it is opened out) and then fit the pieces together to create the actual 3D shapes.

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And the way the pieces fit together seems to really encourage the kids to create their own more unusual shapes.

From a home educators view I really love this set. For me it is hands on Maths – the kids are playing with shapes – taking 2D shapes and transforming them into 3D. Seeing which shapes fit together (I really like that it comes with different triangles).

From a mom view it is just fun and it keeps both kids and their parents entertained (Yip all four of us have been building with this set).

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For those of you using Amazon this is the set we have Polydron Mega Tub

Admin – As I mentioned above after discovering the frameworks at the Science Museum I asked polydron if we could review it and they sent us a Mighty Tub.  All opinions expressed are that of myself, my hubbie and our two testers.

I do include Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and love.

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  1. Camie says:

    These look like way too much fun!


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