Bee Boy Book 2 and Book 3.

About 2 weeks ago I came downstairs to find my son lost in the second Bee Boy Book (The Attack of the Zombees). We have had this copy for a little while but he has been reading a few series one after the other so he ignored it while he concentrated on his other books. And for some reason that morning he spotted it sitting on his bookshelf and started reading it and then he remembered the joy of Melvin who turns into a Bee. (My son LOVED the first Bee Boy book).

He read the Attack of the Zombees cover to cover and then reread the first one again, all within a few days so I quickly emailed the publishers and asked if we could get the third book – Curse of the Vampire Mites. They sent it and as soon as it arrived he read it cover to cover.

reading Bee Boy curse of the Vampire Mites

He loves all of the Bee Boy Books.

Bee Boy Clash of the Killer Queens, Attack of the Zombees and Curse of the Vampire Mites

I must admit I think they are slightly easy reading for him – he is a confident, independent reader but they are such fun books, they are the type of books that inspire kids to create their own stories. (I have read all three of the Bee Boy books and I consider them excellent for newly independent readers / beginner chapter books).

Bee Boy inside page

All three books follow Melvin who is a young school kid, somone who keeps a bee hive on the roof of his apartment block but the really interesting part is Melvin has the ability to turn into a bee (although he cannot control when he turns into a bee). In all three books Melvin has to go on an adventure to help the bees in his bee hive. A bit of action, but nothing too scary for the kids. All the books have a bad character but the bad character is not what you would call evil so I don’t think anyone needs to worry about nightmare potential.

My son loves that Melvin can become a Bee Boy and fly around with the other Bees. He enjoys the adventure and the characters and always points out the more “interesting” events – like when they were sneezing yellow snot (Huge points with my son – everyone was told about this).

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And he adores that the bees speak with zz’s instead of ss’s in their words – and yes he does sometimes walk around the house speaking like the bees (you know it is a good book when your kids start copying events).

Bee Boy Attack of the Zombee. The bees talk with zz on every word

And I must admit I personally think the graphics in this books work brilliantly – the colour scheme really ties in well with the topic and his illustrations bring the stories to life and actually make it easier to read for the kids – it breaks the paragraphs down into much more manageable sections for new readers (my son had just turned 6 when he read the first Bee Boy book totally independently).

Apart from being a super fun engaging read for young kids (which is what I am always searching for), the author has also managed to include lots of facts about the bees throughout all of his books. After reading the second book my son was actually telling me all these wasp facts and when I asked how he knew all of these facts he simply said it was from reading the second Bee Boy Book.

If you have a young reader in your house who is looking for a fun, engaging adventure then both my son and I Highly recommend all 3 of the Bee Boy Books.

Bee Boy: Clash of the Killer Queens

Bee Boy: Attack of the Zombees (Bee Boy 2)

Bee Boy: Curse of the Vampire Mites (Bee Boy 3)

Bee Boy Clash of the Killer Queens, Attack of the Zombees and Curse of the Vampire Mites

Admin – As I mentioned above we were kindly sent review copies of these books. All opinions expressed are that of my little reader and myself.

I do include Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and love.

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The Bee Boy Books, all about a young boy who can turn into a bee. Fun reading for newly independant readers


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