The Tap Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden Book Review

This book is a bit young for my kids but I liked the message included in the book and since one of my neighbours is the author I offered to write a review on the book.

The Tap Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden written by Serena Hassan

When I first heard about the story it was all about how a little pigeon gets affected by plastic rubbish, and although that is the case I actually think that is a lot more to this book. This is a story about a young pigeon who leaves home and discovers his own passion and I loved that aspect of it. I think it is important to encourage young kids to go and find something that they are interested in, even if it is unusual, if you are passionate about it go for it.

I also really liked all the references to London. I remember when my two were younger they would always get so excited reading stories which made references to places that they had been to. And the illustrations of these famous places are just spot on – the kids will definitely be able to recognise them from the pictures.

The Tap Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden has stunning illustrations

So what happens? A young pigeon leaves his parents nest and flies over London looking for somewhere to make his new home. There are some strange and unusual sights and sounds for him (I enjoyed the seagull that swops in to steal his food as there really are lots of seagulls around and they do always try and steal food). And then he discovers music and the music makes him dance, tap-dance. Yes he is a pigeon that loves to tap dance – right there something that we can chat to the kids about – it would be unusual for a pigeon to tap-dance, but he loves it so should he stop and do what the other pigeons do or should be tap-dance?

The Tap Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden. The pigeon that loved to dance

And then there is an accident and he ends up entangled in plastic rubbish. The rubbish restricts his legs which means he can’t move properly -again a good point to chat to kids – what happens to the plastic rubbish that they throw away? Do they think it could end up being harmful to any local animals?

the pigeon caught up in plastic rubbish

But in this story the pigeon is helped by a kind person – another good message to chat to the kids about – should we try and help animals in difficulty? And what should the kids do if they find different animals injured ?

And of course as he is a pigeon he does what all pigeons do and says his thanks in the form of some pigeon poo right on the man’s head (I know this will be popular).

I thought this was a lovely story with lots of great talking points.

I personally think it would make a good addition to younger kid’s bookshelves.

You can get a copy of the Tap Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden from Amazon –  The Tap-Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden

And if you want to extend the pigeon theme I had a quick look and  Twinkl have included pigeons in their Doorstep Wildlife Comprehension and also in their Bird Mindfulness colouring set (both are part of their paid for membership).  And if you are wondering about crafts I thought a tissue paper pigeon might be a good one, or what about using your recycling to create a home for pigeon?

The Tap Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden written by Serena Hassan

Admin Bit – as I mentioned above I offered to write this review and we were given a copy of the book.

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A Children's book that deals with plastic rubbish and how to harms animals. The Tap Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden

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