DK Insect Book

In May my son spotted this DK Insect book at our local library and we immediately borrowed it. It turned out to be a little gem of insect facts for my son. He has poured over this book, page by page, multiply times and even taken it out with us when he knew he would be waiting somewhere.

reading his DK Insect book

Unfortunately someone else reserved our Insect Book and we had to return it so I asked DK if they would send us a review copy and they kindly did. But really this is my son finding a book he loved in the library and then me going and asking the publishers for a copy, that is how much he loves it.

Why do I think he likes it? Because it does not dumb down the topic. It uses all the big words and they keep if factual and accurate – he does not like books where they oversimplify the topic.

And I must admit I find the format easy to read (and I am not as insect obsessed as my son) – each page has a brief summary at the top of the page and then below the summary they include lots of detailed facts – all labelled and with stunning photographs.

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The photographs are truly amazing – the detail is incredible. The way the skin and hairs stand out and you can really see the texture.  Wow my son and I were blown away by the photographs.

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So what does the book cover –

  • What is an insect / parts of an insect
  • The first Insects
  • Then wings / insects eyes / tough, smell and hearing / legwork / mouthparts – love the detail in these sections.
  • Battling Beetles
  • Complete Metamorphosis
  • Beetles / Flies / Butterflies and Moths / Bugs / Wasps, bees and ants – so the 5 main types
  • Then other insects
  • Living with plants and how the hide from predators
  • A watery life – this is great if your kids like pond creatures
  • Building a nest and Insect Architects
  • Social Ants
  • Honeybees and Hives
  • Helpful verse harmful
  • Looking at Insects
  • Extra did you know
  • Insect Classification.

Really it covers a lot.  A LOT

And if that was not enough the book comes with its own poster.  Which is a brilliant summary.

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Oh and after the huge success of the Insect book we also spotted a Reptile version at our library which we borrowed just yesterday and I have a feeling it is going to be just as popular

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As I mentioned above we first spotted these books at our local library but you can also get them from Amazon – Insect: Explore the world of insects and creepy-crawlies – the most adaptable and numerous creatures on the planet (DK Eyewitness)

Reptile (DK Eyewitness)

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DK Eyewitness Insect Book. Filled of amazing facts and details

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